About Me - Little Cat Photography by Laura Flannigan

I love cats with a passion! Everything about a cat is beautiful. It is so rewarding when I capture that "purrfect" pose. I specialize in feline photography and I also enjoy photographing other animals.  For years I have photographed my own cat and displayed her pictures around the house. After losing her to an illness, I realized that I no longer took photographs....until I adopted another cat in 2011.  This was the moment I figured out what it was I really loved to do...photograph cats! This is when I began volunteering with Paw Placement animal rescue in AZ, photographing the cats and dogs for adoption. Proudly, since 2011 and presently, I happily donate my time photographing animals for adoption.  Our goal is for potential adopters to see the inside and outside beauty of each animal.  Our pets are important to us. We all want to have beautiful photographs to remember and cherish of our fur babies whose paw prints are forever in our hearts.  

Laura Cervantes

FKA Laura Flannigan

Pet Photographer