Prepping your home

To achieve the best photographs possible, prepare your home prior to the photo shoot. It is important to Clean, Declutter, and remove excess furnishings. Professional photos capture dusty floors, dirty countertops, and mirrors. Decluttering your home will keep the view from being distracted from the true structure of your home as well as removing excess furniture.

This Checklist will be helpful for getting your home ready for the photo shoot.


• Remove seasonal decorations that can date the photographs

• Move trash bins from view

• Remove all pet related items

• Replace burned out light bulbs in the bathroom, kitchen, lamps and also on the exterior of your home.

• Turn off all ceiling fans


• Move all vehicles from the driveway and do not park directly in front of the home

• Close garage doors

• Arrange patio furniture neatly and cushions, close umbrella

• Remove all children’s toys, bikes, etc.

• Remove unattractive pots or hanging baskets

• Store hoses out of sight rolled up neatly

• Turn on any pool features and lighting

• Clean pool and spa and remove sweeps and floaters

• Remove safety fence

• Landscaping is trimmed to maximize view of your home and grass is neatly cut and free of debris

• Remove yard signs

• Remove trash bins in sight


• Turn off ceiling fans

• Open all curtains/blinds to allow light into the home

• Minimize any electrical cords as possible

• Close tv/stereo cabinets

• Turn on fireplaces

• Remove any generic tissue boxes


• Toilet seats down

• Clean mirrors

• Minimize items on counter tops

• Remove all towels, mats, wash rags from showers and tubs unless decorative

• Remove shampoo/conditioner bottles

• Remove robes, slippers, other from view


• Minimize items on countertops (photos, knife blocks, appliances)

• Take magnets, artwork, or notes off the refrigerator

• Move trash bins out of sight

• Remove all towels unless decorative

• Remove all food items from view and empty the sink


• Beds are made and pillow arranged neatly

• Items under the bed are not visible

• Minimize items on nightstands

• Store clothing out of view

• If the walk-in closet is to be photographed, arrange clothing neatly

Be sure all personal items such as photos, certificates, awards, children’s room decorative names are removed.